Silhouettes and B&W Images


I like the idea of using silhouettes and upgrading into more complex pieces or even taking an image and making it only appear as black and white. This is a way to take the subject and really use negative space.

photo 2

This is an example of using negative space to transform the simple shapes into a face- more specifically, Audrey Hepburn. (this is from when I started to experiment with water color, so the basic shapes are from another painting that is not my own)


This is a photo from an independent movie my friend is in “Nothing Serious”- she gave me “The Artist’s Way.” Well, I was super inspired by this image, so I decided to take this image and create it into something using the simple idea of “black and white”   This is what came of the “black and white method.”

Patterns that Evolve into “zentangles”


Patterns are a nice way to make a piece complex without confusion. This image only uses black and white and a pattern to guide the eye around the page.

403151ba9773ab25b7d1334ba09dcc8f This is a zentangle- its a method in which people use structured patterns to create a beautiful image.

1960264_10202086856467775_2025807465_n I incorporated zentangles in a drawing for a friend. She is currently away on a 2 year trip which she will learn how to create a sustainable life off of organic farming. If you look at the image closely you can see symbols that remind me of her- an owl, carrots, pretty feathers, flowers, and a Hamsa.