Project 3: Comps

After deciding on the strongest of the thumbnails and themes. We, as a group, chose to incorporate out colors into the logo in order to attract the students of all ages. We then had to create comps for icons.



The elephant head is meant to catch the eyes of adults and young adults. I incorporated the colors. The elephant head can be used in any size, in black and white, and can be placed on many objects due to its simplicity. The difficulty was in the notion of creating movement for the eye to allow the viewer to see the elephant, not just blocks of color.



In order to illustrate the support C.A.R.E. would be providing, I came up with the concept of multiple people supporting “C.A.R.E.” and all that the company represents. I used figures that were gender neutral and do not have geometric bodies, hoping to draw in all viewers, to place the viewer as one of the people “supporting”, and to create a soft design that is approachable.



This elephant head is intended to illustrate the fun creative space we would be providing. I chose to make the CBO name into an elephant head (our mascot). The difficulty in this image was to make the “C” into a recognizable ear, the “R” to have the eye of an elephant, and the “E” to make a trunk that would incorporate the wrinkles of an elephant’s skin and make them into a recognizable letter. Although the logo is not simple, “C.A.R.E.” is legible.

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