Project 3: Final Comp

The class took all of the comps of my group and decided the strongest logo between the three of us. My logos were not chosen based on the heavy use of an elephant MAY give off the impression of an elephant conservation, not an after school program. The “supporting logo” may not be very applicable to a lot of products between business cards to pens. The logo that was chosen still has an elephant but it is not the whole logo; a play on the letter “R” allows the viewer to see something more than just an elephant.

rough final comp- laura

The needed improvements were to incorporate the colors of our CBO and to round the letters to give a softer feel.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.00.39 AM

  • Changed the font/typeface to VAG Rounded
  • Placed the letter “A”‘s crossbar at the same height as “E”‘s arm
  • Made the color of the blue consistent to the warm blue in the the moodboard
  • Made the dots or periods the SAME SIZE as the eye of the elephant
  • Moved and rotated the elephant head to be at the baseline
  • Tightened the kerning

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